Elegant Greeting or Birthday Cards

Celebrate someone’s day with a unique and elegant greeting card. Choose the one that resembles best the personality of the recipient. Some of my cards are sophisticated, some are refined, some are simple, yet elegant.

Wish a loved one a happy birthday, a happy anniversary, send a hug, send love, send a just because card… there is no need to celebrate a specific date, just the impact of being fortunate enough to share that person and to love and be loved by that person.  

And remember, no one better than yourself knows the person you want to greet, his or her personality, character, style, taste for pretty things….  the key to creating elegant and distinctive greeting card messages is to write the message from the heart.

My cards are handmade with quality cardstock and most of the time I make the envelopes, I decorate them and also make a bellyband.